The Gamer Is Present

There was a time when my brother, my sister and I sat on the bed in our spare room suggesting actions for my dad to pilot Roger Wilco around worlds in the Sierra-made game Space Quest. Now all grown up and big enough to the play video games on my own I was excited to play the online game The Artist Is Present created by Pippin Barr in the fall of 2011. Created in the same graphic style as my first video game love the game recreates Marina Abramovic’s now-famous performance piece at the MoMA in 2010. My favourite part of the game is that it happens in real time. Try to play before 10:30 am (ET) and you’ll be waiting, just as I’m sure there are real people waiting in New York for the real gallery to open. Thanks to our friend Cindy Baker for passing the link on to us.

Picture 1 The Gamer Is Present

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