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    Issue 31.1 and Issue 31.2

    Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    BlackFlash Magazine is very proud to announce the release of our first two issues in 2014. Issue 31.1 (March 2014) Features and highlights: A review of Erin Shirreff’s (BC/NY) Pictures exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, presented alongside a specially commissioned Artist portfolio assembled exclusively for BlackFlash. Erin Shirreff was recently awarded the […]

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  • 303_COVER-1

    2013 Issue 30.3

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    Buy Now! On the cover: Linda Duvall, The Toss 3, 2012, video still, video by Jason Ebank.   Issue 30.3 Features: Artist Project: Jayce Salloum Rules of Engagement: an interview with Linda Duvall by Sanda Fraser Illusion Keeper: Jen E. Norton’s Layered Works by Sue Stewart Walls Between People by Lindsey Sharman Departments: Of Interest: State […]

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  • Emanuel Licha, How do we know what we know?, film still, HDV, 17 min, 2011, courtesy of the artist.

    Deconstructing What We Know

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Emanuel Licha’s Real and Imagined Narratives By Bart Gazzola   How do we know what we know? Emanuel Licha breaks a number of “rules” in his single channel video work How do we know what we know? Some of these transgressions are formal, in that the video seems to ramble, with no clear structure. We […]

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  • Homo Pilosus (forensic panorama), 2011, ink on photographic inkjet print, 97.8 X 25.4 cm, courtesy of the artist.

    The Dice that are Thrown and the Dice that Fall Back

    Thursday, May 23, 2013

    A Conversation with Dustin Wilson, Futurologist. David LaRiviere speaks with Dustin Wilson: artist, scientist, futurologist. Dustin Wilson’s Futurology is an ambitious hybrid investigation that draws on the future by way of wormholes and throwing dice. Now, some confusion may arise in the course of what follows   pertaining to the question of where Wilson is an artist […]

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  • 293_Warblers_2


    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    work by Kara Uzelman and Jeffrey Allport, at AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, SK. By John G. Hampton AKA Gallery’s recent summer exhibition, Warblers, debuts the first collaborative installation by Nokomis-based artists and partners Kara Uzelman and Jeffery Allport. Allport, an accomplished sound artist who extracts uncanny acoustic anomalies from familiar places; and Uzelman, an internationally exhibited […]

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Fiona Annis and The Wound Incarnate


By Matthew Hall The most enveloped and consequential threat to the ontological is the fear that death dominates the primacy of life. Spatial and emotive trajectories exist in flux, a patternment discernible to desire, a lived topography of the apprehension of life, as leaving itself bared out and open to a minute but enveloping ritual. […]

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34 Transmissions: Charles Stankievech and the North


By Scott Rogers This text introduces the work of Canadian artist Charles Stankievech with a focus on his projects in the Arctic. Composed as a field of aphoristic fragments the text is intended to illustrate Charles’ own writing and my reflections and responses to his work. Organized in 34 points, the text refers both to […]

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Robert Hengeveld

Robert Hengeveld

By John G. Hampton Upon entering Robert Hengeveld’s installation, “Natural Revision” at Mercer Union, the space might be quiet, or it might be alive with the sounds of nature. The entrance is a narrow hallway of scaffolding and armatures backed with cardboard and lined with Rube Goldbergian inventions. Steam rises from a makeshift smoke machine, […]

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Message Pictures: Adventures in Reading Images, Part One

Erika DeFreitas, A Teleplasmic Study with Doilies — Angie #3 (A selection), 2010-2011, archival digital print, 61 x 79 cm each photograph, courtesy of the artist.

The following is the first in a series of three texts that focus on the pleasures and frustrations, the rewards and dangers, of reading images and imagining readings. Part Two | Part Three By Michael Davidge I’ve always loved reading. Okay, so maybe I didn’t come out of the womb holding a New Yorker magazine, […]

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Congratulations to the winner of Optic Nerve 2013 – Brendan George Ko. Outer Body Experience (Shaman) from the series We Soon Be Nigh!, 2012, c-print, 76.2 x 96.5 cm. Brendan Ko is doing his masters in the University of Toronto’s MVS program, He is a former graduate of The Ontario College of Art & Design, […]


LUGO 2013

BlackFlash Magazine presented an artist project by Biliana Velkova and Egan Davis at the Mendel Art Gallery’s art party fundraiser: LUGO Biliana and Egan created photos with guests throughout the night, with some specially made puppets and costumes. The photos appear on Biliana’s Instagram account (@missbiliana). BlackFlash printed small prints for guests to take home […]

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