LUGO 2013

BlackFlash Magazine presented an artist project by Biliana Velkova and Egan Davis at the Mendel Art Gallery’s art party fundraiser: LUGO

Biliana and Egan created photos with guests throughout the night, with some specially made puppets and costumes. The photos appear on Biliana’s Instagram account (@missbiliana). BlackFlash printed small prints for guests to take home throughout the evening. You can find a selection of our favorites from the event below.

Go to BlackFlash Magazine’s Facebook page: BlackFlash Magazine to see more!

Thank you to the Mendel Art Gallery for inviting BlackFlash to participate, as well as a big thank you to Biliana and Egan for their wonderful creativity and presence. FUN!

2 LUGO 2013

3 LUGO 2013

4 LUGO 2013

5 LUGO 2013

6 LUGO 2013

9 LUGO 2013

8 LUGO 2013

10 LUGO 2013

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