My Best Shot: Jeff Thomas

Seize the Space: Buffalo Boy By Jeff Thomas What is my best shot? That is a hard question because when I look at a photograph that I have made I see all the other shots that led up to that one as well as all the other images that influenced me. So when I look, […]

My Best Shot: Party Boat by Sarah Anne Johnson


One of my favourite pictures is Party Boat, from a series of work I just finished called Arctic Wonderland. It is a digital c-print that I scratched and painted on with photo-spotting and acrylic inks.

My Best Shot: The Two Violinists by Evergon

When BlackFlash invited me to pick my favourite photograph to discuss, I thought of many of the images that I have made over the past forty years. I am currently preparing a monograph with Dazibao (Montreal) and VU (Quebec) so the choices had been narrowed down to seventy something. Although it is currently on loan […]

My Best Shot: Autoportait au Rideau

By Raymonde April Translation by Käthe Roth For more than twenty years, every summer I have left Montreal for the Lower St. Lawrence, where I spent my childhood, and during these happy weeks, my life feels weightless, tied to the rhythm of the tides. In late August, I return to the city and my activities, and […]

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