Jordan Schwab’s Equal


Parallels and Matters of Scale in Jordan Schwab’s “Equal” by Tod Emel Entering Jordan Schwab’s Equal, we’re met with a garishly coloured and highly stylized mural, framed by an idiomatic comic book explosion vignette. Depicted here is a cross section of earth, complete with a buried treasure chest, dinosaur skeleton, and a UFO, occupied by […]

Best of “Best of 2013″


By John Shelling It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The days are getting longer,  seasonal runners are back on “resolution hill” near my house trying to burn 11 months of gluttony away and every single arts publication known to the human race has published their “Best of 2013″ list.  In our annual roundup […]



OPTIC NERVE 2013 Congratulations to the winner of Optic Nerve 2013 – Brendan George Ko. Look for Brendan’s work in the fall issue of the magazine (September 2013), along with the work of those chosen as honourable mentions. Thank you to the judges of the contest for 2013: Karla Griffin, David LaRiviere, and Michael Love. […]

LUGO 2013


BlackFlash Magazine presented an artist project by Biliana Velkova and Egan Davis at the Mendel Art Gallery’s art party fundraiser: LUGO Biliana and Egan created photos with guests throughout the night, with some specially made puppets and costumes. The photos appear on Biliana’s Instagram account (@missbiliana). BlackFlash printed small prints for guests to take home […]

Jessica Eaton Nail Art


Jessica Eaton‘s work has inspired this nail art by Bande Des Quatres, a boutique jewelry line concieved by Montreal-native Erin Wahed and hand-crafted by Canadian jeweler Janis Kerman. Bande Des Quatres posted this photo on instagram:  

Best of “Best of 2012″

Evan Solomon shocked

Once again it is the time of year every art media outlet presents their Best of 2012 list. At BlackFlash we love this time so much that we can’t get enough “Best of” lists. So much that we decided to create a list of our favorite “Best of” lists. We hope you enjoy the list. […]

The Gamer Is Present

Picture 1

There was a time when my brother, my sister and I sat on the bed in our spare room suggesting actions for my dad to pilot Roger Wilco around worlds in the Sierra-made game Space Quest. Now all grown up and big enough to the play video games on my own I was excited to […]

Cindy Sherman’s impostor

This week’s episode of This American Life is about people pretending to be people they’re not. In it Ira Glass tells a story about he and his friend visiting a Cindy Sherman exhibition and having a woman introduce herself as Sherman in the gallery. I won’t ruin the rest of the story because I won’t […]

Watch a brief history of John Baldessari

Narrated by Tom Waits. It’s fast, fun, and informative. Created by the guys that made Catfish.

Aram Bartholl’s projects

Through PBS’s online program Off Book, I recently discovered Aram Bartholl‘s work on the F.A.T. Lab website. The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab describes themselves at “an organization dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media.” Bartholl’s work uses a special mix of humour and tech savy […]

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