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Once again it is the time of year every art media outlet presents their Best of 2012 list. At BlackFlash we love this time so much that we can’t get enough “Best of” lists. So much that we decided to create a list of our favorite “Best of” lists. We hope you enjoy the list.

• AKIMBLOG: Akimblog columnist Andrew Wright’s  most surreal moment of 2012 involving Allan Harding MacKay’s protest on Parliament Hill. Harding MacKay went on to destroy one of his paintings on live television. Read Andrew Wright’s entire Best of 2012 list here:

• CANADIAN ART: Richard Rhodes describes the joy of finding Katie Bethune-Leamen’s image Fogo Island When There Are None (2012) attached to a press release:×588/2506508.html

Read Richard Rhodes’s entire Best of 2012 list here:

• ART FORUM: Brian Droitcour’s comparison of a tick’s thirst for blood to human’s thirst for viral video as he picks the botched Ecce Homo painting as the best painting of 2012. Read Brian Droitcour’s entire Best of 2012 list here:

• AKIMBLOG: Akimblog’s Terence Dick identifies the 2012 trend of “a full on embrace of indigenous practitioners in the nation’s contemporary art establishment.” Read Terence Dick’s entire Best of 2012 list here:

• NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Art columnist Jerry Saltz’s proclaims Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention is a new genre of performance art called “Neo-Verity.” Read Jerry Saltz entire Best of 2012 list here:

• AKIMBLOG: Two entries from Akimblog’s Lizzy Hill make our best of “Best of” list.

1. Hill points to Gordon B. Isnor’s Alopecia Gallery as one of the more “quirky” galleries of the year.  Check it out for yourself:

2. Hill also chooses emerging artist Lisa Lipton for one of her entries.

Read Lizzy Hill’s entire Best of 2012 list here:

• AKIMBLOG: Dick Averns points to Nuit Blanche as one of Calgary’s best moments of the year.

Read Dick Averns’ entire Best of 2012 list here:

• LITTLE BROWN MUSHROOM: In the photography book category Alec Soth chose Cristina de Middel‘s self-published book The Afronauts as one of the year’s best (it was also shortlisted for the Aperture foundation’s PhotoBook Awards). Read Alec Soth’s entire Best of 2012 list here:

First PhotoBook Shortlist / Paris Photo—Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards (Full Version) from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.

Picture 1 Best of Best of 2012

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