Reinder Riedler: Fake Holidays

In his series Fake Holidays Reinder Riedler photographs simulation and our negotiation between the real and imaginary. Fake Holidays finds that fantasy element that exists in all vacationing spots, that thing that makes people say  “I don’t want to be a tourist, I want to experience the real thing,” in places that are one step further […]

Waiting for the world to end: bomb shelter photographs

Good Magazine has a fantastic collection of bomb shelter images from Zurich, Montana and Texas. The shelters depicted are amazing projects that people have poured their time, resources, and anxiety into. Thankfully they’re all vacant, which means the world hasn’t ended.

Alex Dragulescu: Spam Architecture

Alex Dragulescu’s projects are explorations of algorithms and computational models that are constructed from data derived from databases. In Spam Architecture, Dragulescu uses a program that translates various patterns and rhythms found in junk email into three dimensional gestural models. I think the model pictured above is the most representative of spam. It starts to […]

Richard Galpin: Peeled Photographs

Richard Galpin creates futuristic, geometric structures in the manner of an archaeologist. Galpin photographs images of chaotic cityscapes and then, using only a scalpel, slowly cuts away from the photo until his structures emerge (not unlike the eraser drawings one does in a first-year drawing class).   “The works enact a reimagining of the city, […]

David Dunnico: Photographs of Surveillance Cameras

  Image: [52°28’ 38” N 1°53’ 40” W] selfridges UK photographer David Dunnico’s flickr page, titled DDTV, is a collection of fantastic images of CCTV camera juxtaposed with other symbols of urban life. We don’t often think about cameras when we imagine a cityscape, they tend to get edited out in our memory as we […]

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